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Little Acuitis, specialists in children's glasses

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« Baobabs before growing up, it starts with being small »

Antoine de Saint Exupéry / Le petit prince

Little Acuitis has specialized in children’s glasses since 2010.

Because Acuitis is a trans-generational brand, we have to offer the same expertise to parents and children. Thus, we have identified 3 essential levers to support these young carriers for their visual correction.

Children require very special attention. We have created a pole of opticians experts in pediatric optics in our Houses to best meet the expectations of families.

Their morphology and the development of their sight are in perpetual evolution. We have therefore developed 4 collections with technical and artistic characteristics that respect the requirements recommended by the therapies used in ophthalmology.

• Just as spaces are dedicated to men and women optics, contactology, sun care and hearing, a space is dedicated to children in all Maisons Acuitis.

Our eyewear artist, Fréderic Beausoleil, designs specific frames for babies, children and adolescents from 0 to 14 years old. Daring, sportsman or gamer, Little Acuitis has a wide range of frames for children who fully adapt to their lifestyle.

At Little Acuitis, you will inevitably find glasses in their nose!

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